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More Bolts added! Thread on sale! Books on Sale!

                    ***New Bolts Added!   YES NEW BOLTS ADDED****

Can you imagine that I pulled another many, many, bolts and Fat Quarters out of the "Caution zone".... yes my personal stash!

We have approximately 100 bolts remaining most are new and were not offered in previous sale days.

                       ***NEW ITEMS ADDED TO THE SALE***

ALL thread no matter of weight, brand, color, shape or fiber type are 50% off! Yes this includes all my embroidery threads as well!!!

Please refer to the website for all sale details.  Batiks are currently sold out as our 2 yard precuts.

I would highly recommend arriving early. We have had long lines trying to be the first in the store! Please drive carefully......

I look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you for your continued support of the Fiber Arts!





 Creative Fiber Designs 
      PO Box 250
      Brandon, Vermont 05733


 We have a strong background in creative fabric and fiber crafting, with over forty years of hands-on, multi-generational training in crocheting, knitting, sewing, needlework, beading and weaving. Design education began with exposure to the New York garment industry’s millinery segment, and our garment construction and tailoring experience lends itself to the form, fit, and function of each treasure we create.