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3 Reasons To Start Your Holiday Quilting Now

It's hot and steamy outside, but inside we're sipping a cup of hot cocoa and humming Christmas carols.  Why?  We're not Christmas obsessed, we just know that there are only 168 days left until Christmas and we need to get started on our quilting projects asap or we won't have time to visit the North Pole and get a tour with Santa.

Why start your quilting projects now?

1.) It takes time: A homemade quilt is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your family and friends.  The time and thought that goes into one of your masterpieces is not something that can be wrapped in plastic.  Your family will fall in love with this wonderful piece of art you've created for them, but it won't go together in a couple of days.  You'll need to take time and care with this gift and starting in July will allow you to make this very special item with the care it requires.

As an added bonus if you're just learning how to quilt, starting now will allow you to learn the proper techniques and make your first project the perfect present to grace your holiday celebrations.

2.) The more the merrier: If you're an experienced quilter, starting in July for the holidays will allow you to create more pieces of art for more of your friends and family.  Imagine skipping the long lines and feisty shoppers because you thought ahead and made all of your gifts with the love and care they truly deserve.  Write down your list of family and friends that you would normally buy gifts for and start the quilting project you think suits each person best.  The joy you get from creating all of your gifts will fill your heart with holiday cheer for the months to come.

3.) Take time to enjoy the holiday season: It happens to us all, we want to enjoy hot cocoa by a warm fire while watching the snow gently fall around us listening to Bing Crosby on the stereo, but we can't.  There's too much to do.  We have to buy gifts, bake cookies, send cards, plan menus and the list goes on.  Starting to make your gifts now will take one major piece of your holiday to-do list away and allow you the time you need to enjoy your family and friends and the season.  

You'll breathe easier when December 1st comes around and all your gifts are already made.

Bonus Reason: We already have many holiday prints in stock and ready for you to start mapping out your project.  In fact, one of our upcoming classes is holiday focused.  

What are you waiting for?  Tie on those jingle bells, snuggle up in your pajamas and get into the holiday spirit.  Who cares if it's only July, you've got Santa duties.



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