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August 29 - September 2

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"Find Your Lost Art"

 Whether you love to work with fabric, fibers, or both, Creative Fiber Designs is a unique destination for all your creative project supplies--from inspiration to completion.

Located at 6 Park St. in Historic Downtown Brandon, Vermont we are committed to surrounding ourselves with artists near and far who are eager to learn the "lost art" of these crafts or master their already expert skills. Our Inspiration Circle offers creative classes for all levels and all kinds of fabric and fiber artists.

We are not far from our local angora goat farm, Kirby’s Happy Hoofers, where we acquire mohair, as well as being close to Maple View Alpacas, the local source for alpaca fiber.

Creative Fiber Designs always strives for quality and uniqueness in the products we make. Best known for our use of color, fiber blends and novelty accents, we use a broad range of natural materials that are commercially and hand spun for our handmade designs. If you are looking for handmade items for yourself, or as a gift for that someone special, Creative Fiber Designs offers a large selection of knitted, crocheted and woven sweaters, hats, scarfs, shawls, vests and blankets that anyone can appreciate! At your request, we can also create custom pieces especially for you!

We're like having a grandmother who makes heirloom baby blankets for the family’s most recent newborn, or who lovingly knits afghans and slippers for special occasions. Let Creative Fiber Designs create your heirloom you can pass them on to future generations!